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Looking to stay awhile? Check out one of our winter rentals (Available Only For Specific Dates), perfect for a longer vacation or stay. Whether you are looking for a Gulf Coast vacation full of action and adventure, nature and beauty, or rest and relaxation, we have something for you! From shopping and dining, nature escapes and amusement parks to amusement parks, waterparks and more, there is something for everyone in your group to enjoy.


On top of fabulous vacation homes along the Alabama Gulf Coast, we also offer top notch vacation property management services. We market your property to attract tons of guests, care for your home as if it were our own, and offer incredible customer support. You will have a direct company contact, access to our owners portal, and even account assistance. Please browse our site to find your perfect vacation property or why you should choose our management services, and book online securely with us today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

LUVA Vacation Rentals specializes in houses for rent & luxury vacation rentals in Big Island Hawaii at nearly every budget in many desirable destinations around the world. LUVA has hand selected every property that we offer to ensure that our guests' experiences are wonderful life-long memories.

Welcome to Tybee Vacation Rentals! TVR is a locally managed full-service property management company specializing in short-term vacation rentals on Tybee Island and Savannah Georgia. With over 300 vacation rentals to choose from you will have no problem finding just the right place to get away on the beautiful historic Georgia coast. We offer a variety of individually selected privately owned Tybee Island rentals; homes, cottages, and condos including luxury to budget-friendly, traditional to modern, oceanfront beach houses, historic townhomes, private pool homes, community pool condominium complexes, and pet-friendly vacation rentals. We also offer resort rentals located in 10 complexes around Tybee Island. Come discover what makes Tybee Island so special, and see for yourself why thousands of people choose to travel to Savannah, Georgia's beach.

Easily browse our properties and book directly online, or chat or call one of our local Vacation Planners. We provide our guests with complete vacation planning assistance, whether you are vacationing for a weekend or coming for an extended stay. From locating the perfect property to ensuring everything is ready for check-in, we make sure our guests are taken care of every step of the way 24/7.

We truly care about the vacation experience of our guests and the level of service we offer to our homeowners, which is why we employ the best team members to manage, clean, and maintain our properties to the highest standard. Excellent housekeeping and linen standards have always been a top priority. We will provide you with a nicely furnished, well maintained, and clean property.

The Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area are prime locations for vacation destinations to thousands of families every year. The charming beaches with sandy white shores and year round events are just a few reasons why travelers return to the area. Enjoy the scenery and good food at The Gulf or satisfy that adrenaline rush with the Zip Lines at the Wharf. No matter what it is that you enjoy doing, we are sure to have things around the area that interest everyone in the family.

Current Tides has Property Managers on duty and local office to support you if you need during your vacation or beach get away. List Your Vacation Rental with Us. Current Tides is a locally owned and operated vacation rental property manager with a smaller portfolio allowing for great service for our owners and guests.

Discover the perfect unit for your vacation or repeat your stay in your favorite unit each time you visit paradise. Unit choice condos are available at Hawaii Vacation Condos by Outrigger properties on 4 Hawaiian Islands

The interior of each condominium is decorated uniquely. You are in control to choose which style suits you and your family's vacation. Typically the rooms available for individual booking are upgraded, have higher grade furnishings, speculator views, and are personally certified by property General Managers.

Unit choice condos are displayed by their actual unit numbers along with information and photos of that specific unit, so you can be confident that you know your condo's view, location, decor and bedding before you even start your vacation.

Did you enjoy your stay and absolutely fell in love with the condominium that you selected for this vacation? Don't worry, because with unit choice, you are able to book the exact same unit for future vacations to come (based on availability).

A vacation rental is the renting out of a furnished apartment, house, or professionally managed resort-condominium complex on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel. The term vacation rental is mainly used in the US. Other terms used are self-catering rentals, holiday homes, holiday lets (in the United Kingdom), cottage holidays (for rentals of smaller accommodation in rural locations) and gites (in rural locations in France).

Vacation rentals usually occur in privately owned vacation properties (holiday homes), so the variety of accommodations is broad and inconsistent. The property is a fully furnished property, such as a holiday villa, apartment, cottage, condominium, townhome or single-family-style home. Farm stay can encompass participation on a working farm or a more conventional rental that happens to be co-located on a farm. The client/traveler arranges to rent the vacation rental property for a designated period of time. Some rent on a nightly basis, similar to hotel rooms, although the more prevalent vacation rental industry practice is typically weekly rentals.

Vacation rentals can range from budget studio apartments to lavish, expensive private villas in the world's most desirable locations, some with price tags of many thousands per night and all the amenities you would find in any luxury accommodation (fully staffed, private beaches, boats, chefs, cooking lessons, etc.) to cater to the guests.

Some vacation rentals, particularly condominiums or apartments, offer many of the same services hotels offer to their guests, e.g., front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, in-house housekeeping, and concierge service. Many "hospitality, timeshare and premier independent resorts...that until now, access to these resort-condominium complexes was available exclusively through purchase options such as whole, fractional, or timeshare ownership," are now offering daily vacation rentals.[1]

Vacation rentals are available in most states of the US and are prevalent in major tourist areas such as Florida, Hawaii, and California, as well as in other coastal areas with beaches, where they may be referred to as beach houses, many of which are rentals. The vacation rental market is much larger in Europe than in the United States, and Florida is a popular destination for villa holidays for Europeans.

Consumers unfamiliar with the concept of a vacation rental may confuse it with the seemingly similar but distinctly different timeshare. Many timeshare resorts offer quarter ownership, which provides 13 weeks of use or rental.

A timeshare can still be made available as a vacation rental should an owner decide to put his owned week(s) on a vacation rental program. Also, a large segment of the 21% of unsold and therefore still resort-controlled inventory is made available as vacation rentals. In 2014, this was a $1.9 billion business.[2]

Traditional hotels generally do not include vacation properties. However, some contemporary resort developments include shared ownership components such as villas and condominiums that can be either rented through the hotel or rented out by their owners either directly or through agencies.

Vacation rentals and villa rentals are arranged either direct with the owner or through an agency, usually via the internet. Many owners have their own websites, but most also use listing services, which display property information and photos provided by the homeowner. Because each property owner has his or her own deposit and payment requirements, cancellation policies, key-pick-up procedures, etc., a guest contacts the property owner directly in order to book.

There are also other online vacation rental sites that specialize in metasearch or resort residences.[7] Metasearch plays a role in the rental ecosystem by connecting rentals from different listing companies under a single experience.

In contrast, vacation rental agencies handle reservations and billing on the homeowner's behalf, and there is no direct contact between the guest and the owner. Because the fee or commission charged to an owner by an agency is higher than that charged by a listing service, the rent tends to be higher.

Most property owners contract a vacation rental management company to manage their vacation rentals. These companies handle housekeeping and property maintenance. Some management companies also act as agencies, marketing the vacation rental property and handling reservations and billing. Most vacation rental management companies work on a commission basis, meaning they do not make a guarantee to the homeowner in terms of weeks that will be rented or revenue earned.[8] Rather, they collect a commission ranging from 20% to 50% of any revenues generated.[9]

An alternative arrangement is where vacation rental managers provide homeowners with a guaranteed rental. Under these arrangements, vacation rental managers buy all of the weeks the homeowner wishes to rent in a single transaction. This provides the homeowner with guaranteed income and puts the risk and management burden on the rental manager.[10]

Some travelers avoid vacation rentals for fear of what industry insiders call SNAD: "Significantly Not As Described." This refers to a property that looks like paradise in the photos, only to reveal leaky roofs and blocked views upon the traveler's arrival. To reduce this risk, many vacation rental companies offer user reviews.[11] 041b061a72


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