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Buy Dvc

We have, available to us, inventories of rooms located on Disney property at the Walt Disney World Resort Florida, Disneyland Resort California, Aulani Hawaii, South Carolina and the Florida Atlantic coast, for rent.

buy dvc

You can reserve one of these rooms directly through Disney Central Reservations, or you can experience DVC Rentals to book the very same room through owners of the Disney Vacation Club, at prices that will leave you asking "HOW CAN THAT BE?".

These rooms, classified by Disney as "Deluxe Disney Villas", are all located within the Disney Vacation Club resorts. You DO NOT need to be a owner of the Disney Vacation Club or David's Vacation Club Rentals.

Your room will be assigned to you by the Disney Resort Cast members on your arrival. You will be treated the same as every Disney Resort Guest and you will have access to all of the same amenities and perks afforded to each and every guest staying at a Disney Resort.

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is vacation ownership with Disney through a points-based program. The program is flexible and allows you to use your points 365 days of the year and allows you to choose the length of stay. You might need a 3-night getaway or a 7-night family vacation. DVC provides families with savings and flexibility for Disney vacations as well as other vacation destinations around the world.

Our Broker has been involved with Disney Vacation Club since 1999 and has been selling DVC resales since 2004. We would be happy to assist you in either exploring purchasing your DVC ownership or getting your DVC property on the resale market.

Welcome to DVC Shop Resales, where you can find the largest selection of Disney Vacation Club resales! Buy DVC points for less, or take advantage of our unparalleled marketing to sell your DVC membership quickly. Bee Thaxton is the licensed Florida Real Estate Broker for DVC Shop Resales. She has over 30 years of Real Estate experience, and has assisted thousands of clients buy and sell DVC points. Whether you're looking into buying additional DVC points, or listing your DVC membership for sale, DVC Shop Resales is your one stop shop for all things Disney!

At DVC Shop, our licensed real estate brokers and agents have years of experience and training on the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) product. With our knowledge and expertise, our agents can answer any questions you may have about DVC resales and help you choose the best Disney Vacation Club contract for you and your family. Our DVC Shop agents will also use their extensive market insight to help you save anywhere from 10-50% off of direct Disney pricing.

Your DVC Shop representative will guide you through this process and will be available every step of the way to answer any questions and provide you with any necessary information to complete the purchase process as swiftly as possible.Is There A Minimum Number Of Points I Have To Buy?Is There A Minimum Number Of Points I Have To Buy?When purchasing from DVC Shop there is no minimum point requirement when buying on the resale market. You can buy as few as 25 points to become a Disney Vacation Club member, which is currently the smallest contract offered by Disney.

Resale points may also not be used to make Concierge Collection, Disney Collection or Adventurer Collection reservations. Additionally, resale contracts are not eligible for Membership Extras such as member discounts on dining and shopping, member-exclusive events and certain other special member offers. Seller Frequently Asked QuestionsWhen Selling My DVC Membership With DVC Shop, Is My Exposure With DVC Shop Only Or Do You Work With Other Brokerage Companies?When Selling My DVC Membership with DVC Shop, Is My Exposure With DVC Shop Only Or Do You Work With Other Brokerage Companies?DVC Shop uses all means possible to market your listing. Your listing will be placed on our website as well as other brokerage and/or marketing sites.

Sellers are responsible to pay a commission of 8.5% for the sale of your listing. Additionally, sellers pay the estoppel fee of $150. Keep in mind that any maintenance fees due and mortgages must be paid in full at closing. The buyer may be responsible for dues as negotiated in the contract.

If you are a non US resident or citizen, you may be required to pay FIRPTA or HARPTA fees. If you are selling an Aulani contract you may be be responsible for HARPTA.How Long Will It Take To Close Once My Property Is Sold?How Long Will It Take To Close Once My Property Is Sold?Sales typically take 8-10 weeks to close. However, this timeframe may be extended if you have any outstanding reservations as all reservations must be completed prior to closing. Please note, closings have been delayed by 3-6 weeks due to COVID-19.When Is DVC Shop Compensated For The Sale Of My DVC Membership?When Is DVC Shop Compensated For The Sale Of My DVC Membership?DVC Shop receives a commission after the sale of your contract is complete. The commission is paid through the closing company during the closing process, similar to traditional residential real estate sales. There are NO UPFRONT FEES when working with DVC Shop.How Do I Prepare To Sell My DVC Membership?How Do I Prepare To Sell My DVC Membership?To get started you can complete and submit a listing agreement and resort release. This will allow DVC Shop to get all pertinent information about your ownership and consult with you on the next steps. We may also ask you for a screenshot of your point activity statement which will expedite the listing and selling process. Fill out this form to get started.

Buying resale or direct you are a DVC member! Every member has the same banking, borrowing and booking windows. Every member is a deeded owner and, you are treated the same with member services.

When Disney Vacation Club opened its first property in the early 1990s, Disney enthusiasts flocked to the resort to purchase a membership to DVC for a chance to be part of the ultimate vacation ownership club for Disney fans. But as with any type of large purchase, some owners eventually need to sell their contracts for various reasons, which created a secondary market that provides considerable cost-savings for resale contract buyers.

When purchasing directly from Disney buyers must choose from the limited selection of contracts that Disney is currently selling. Disney is currently officially selling contracts at the new Riviera Resort and the Aulani Resort. It can be possible from time to time to purchase other home resorts directly from Disney, but it is subject to limited availability. Disney also only sells contracts of 100 points or more. While periodically owner upgrades or Right of First Refusal buybacks result in Disney having additional contracts to sell through their sales office, the available contracts usually remain limited to only the newest resorts.

All owners also have the ability to rent any amount of their yearly allotment of points. Renting points can offset a variety of vacations, including cruises, DVC cash stays or stays booked through DVC rental points. For more information about rentals contact a DVC Shop rental representative at this link.

While purchasing resale can save you thousands of dollars, only members who own 150 points or more and purchased directly from Disney are eligible to use their points to book into a select number of Disney resorts and experiences including Disney Collection Resorts, Disney Cruises, Adventures by Disney and the Disney Concierge Collection.

While the Membership Extras only benefit direct DVC buyers, there are a multitude of ways to obtain similar discounts without purchasing directly through Disney. For example, many resale buyers opt to sign up for a Disney Visa Credit Card by Chase which offers cardholders discounts on dining and shopping as well as other membership perks. Or, you many consider purchasing a Tables of Wonderland membership which offers 20% dining discounts at many Disney dining locations. After performing a cost analysis, most owners and potential owners agree that Membership Extras are not worth the extra cost of purchasing directly from Disney.

Buying Disney Vacation Club resale versus direct is a great way to save a substantial sum on your DVC purchase. For more information about purchasing a DVC resale contract, contact a licensed DVC Shop representative today. You can also view current DVC resale listings at this link.

The DVC Book Center is not responsible for information used on this site for the purchase of textbooks from other locations. Please read the store policies and important purchase info before buying.

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker that specializes in resale DVC. Members of the team formerly worked for the mouse as Disney Vacation Club Guides. During that time they gained valuable experience selling DVC points. Now the Experts continue to make magic for families buying and selling DVC points as independent licensed real estate agents on the resale market. You can count on the Experts for pixie dusted service and helpful insight throughout the process. See what prices are like on the resale DVC market right now by looking at the our DVC resale listings.

You also have the option of financing your DVC purchase, both when buying directly from Disney, and when you purchase resale. Monera Financial is more than happy to make this easy for you if you choose to buy resale. If you want to learn more about this, check out the DVC Show on this topic.

In this episode, we discuss if NOW is the Perfect Time to Buy DVC! Disney has not bought back any contracts in a few months. Will the ROFR Monster rear its ugly head soon? Now is definitely a unique time in DVC sales history!

However, with all of those obvious lodging choices to decide among, there's another accommodation option that is less obvious. Not only can it save you money, it can also lead to you scoring a nicer class of lodging than you'd otherwise be able to afford. 041b061a72


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