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Calle Cloverfield 10 (2016)

During production, the filmmakers noticed core similarities to Cloverfield,[18] and decided to make the picture what Abrams calls "a blood relative" or "spiritual successor" of that film.[19][20] "The spirit of it, the genre of it, the heart of it, the fear factor, the comedy factor, the weirdness factor, there were so many elements that felt like the DNA of this story were of the same place that Cloverfield was born out of," said Abrams. In other interviews he explained: "Those characters and that monster [from Cloverfield] are not in this movie, but there are other characters and other monsters,"[20] and "This movie is very purposefully not called Cloverfield 2, because it's not Cloverfield 2, [...] So if you're approaching it as a literal sequel, you'll be surprised to see what this movie is. But while it's not what you might expect from a movie that has the name Cloverfield in it, I think you'll find that you'll understand the connection when you see the whole thing."[21][22][23] Winstead and Gallagher mentioned that during production they were aware that the film had thematic similarities to Cloverfield, but did not learn that there would be an official connection until they were informed of the chosen title, only a few days before the release of the trailer.[24] Abrams came up with the title after finishing Star Wars: The Force Awakens.[25][26]

Calle Cloverfield 10 (2016)

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In a March 2015 interview, a few months after production wrapped, Winstead was asked about her experience during Valencia and described it as a "really contained film", reiterating the premise of The Cellar about a woman being trapped with her mysterious savior in a supposed post-nuclear fallout world.[27] Later in the month, Insurge Pictures was reported to have been dismantled and its staff absorbed by its parent company. Insurge's only film that had yet to be released was reported to be Valencia.[28] Speaking of rewrites that took place during production, Winstead called them "nothing that was major".[29]

The real title of 10 Cloverfield Lane was revealed on January 14, 2016, through a trailer attached to 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Paramount did not release the trailer online until six hours later. The next day, fans found that the online store for Swamp Pop, a type of soda briefly featured in the trailer, contained a listing for a sold-out item called "Long-Term Shelter Supply."[9] In addition, the product description quoted the song that played in the trailer, "I Think We're Alone Now," and every page of the online store contained the slogan "You Can't Drink Just Four," a reference to the Slusho drink that played a prominent role in Cloverfield's alternate reality game. Customers who purchased 4-packs of Swamp Pop through this store found that their orders came with three pieces of an Eiffel Tower puzzle.[10]

On February 21, updated with a text-based game called Bunker Survival.[15] On February 26, Reddit user TheMagicJesus was able to persevere for over 1,000 days in the game, unlocking a message from Howard revealing the location of a cell phone stored in a private locker in Chicago.[16] Reddit user helveticat was able to obtain the phone, which contained a voicemail message from John Goodman as Howard.[17] 041b061a72


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