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Download File INTRO-HD.NET-elegant-fluid-titles...

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Download File INTRO-HD.NET-elegant-fluid-titles...

Download Zip:

In this section, you will set up the base HTML for all the visual styles you will write throughout the tutorial. You will also create your styles.css file and add styles that set the layout of the content.

Save your changes to styles.css and then open your web browser. Select the File menu item, then select the Open option and load your index.html file in the browser. The following image demonstrates how this HTML will render in the browser:

Next, you will download a photo of a building with brightly colored doors by Luke Stackpoole. This image comes from the stock photography website Unsplash. Run the following curl command to download the photo into the new images directory:

A very important aspect of working with an image is to provide an alt attribute with a description of the image. This will help various users of your website know the image content, especially those using a screen reader. It is helpful to provide details around the context of the image, especially as it pertains to the rest of the text content. If an image is purely for decorative purposes, an alt attribute set to an empty string is acceptable, as otherwise a screen reader would read the file name.

Save the addition of an image to index.html, then open the file in your web browser. The image will load between the first and second paragraph. Resizing the browser will have no effect on the image, as shown in the following animation:

Next, open index.html in your text editor. In between the second and third paragraphs, add a element. Within the , add a element with a src attribute pointing to the image you just downloaded. Then, add alt text that describes the contents of the photo. These updates are highlighted in the following code block:

To begin working with the element, you will need a series of different-sized images of the same source image. Use the following curl command to download a zip archive of three images of the same aerial photo of Tokyo by Pawel Nolbert:

The is the default image that is used to start when there are no media query requirements. The elements define two things: the location of the image file with the srcset attribute, and the screen size scenario with the media attribute. The browser will then access and load the appropriate image for the stated screen size, swapping out the image if the size changes.

In this post, we share some of the best free After Effect templates for creating all kinds of openers, title scenes, slideshows, and much more. Feel free to download and try them all! (And explore one or two premium files to compare these as well!)

This is a collection of After Effects templates and animated typefaces you can use in your video projects to create unique title scenes and lower thirds. All of the typefaces and templates are free to download and lets you easily customize them as well.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a Venngage for Business plan to download your design as a PNG file to be inserted into a Word document. You can also download the chart as a PDF, interactive PDF, or a PowerPoint presentation. 041b061a72


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